I am Charmi, from India, who loves all things Science and specifically Astronomy. In high school, I found out, that the best feeling in the world for me is to understand the Science around us and being able to explain why Universe works the way it does.

That’s how I decided to pursue my education in Physics and Astronomy. After graduating with BSc in Physics in India, I moved to Canada to pursue MSc Astronomy at Western University and now I am living my best life pursuing PhD!

As much as I like learning Science, I also love to talk about it. I watched a lot of videos by Physics girl and Veritasium on Youtube when I was in high school, and I wanted to do the same – Talk to people about Science in a fun way! That’s what we call Science Communication. And I have been doing that since my first year of college through writing Blogs, giving talks, making videos and a lot more. (you’ll see a lot of my related work here!)

One of my life goals is to buy as much space merchandise as possible. Besides Astronomy, I like film-making and composing animations. I also like to travel, dress to the nines and have a good time with family and friends.


My first exposure to research was at the New York Academy of Sciences where I worked on improving the designs of commercial airplanes to increase their efficiencies. Since then, I have been involved in four research projects, in fields ranging from Aeronautics, geology, planetary science and of course Astronomy and it has been fun! Along the way, I also learned to code which I think is a great tool! Learn more about my research work here! 


I have been heavily involved in Outreach since 2018. As a Science Communicator, I have worked for many Education and Outreach institutions including IISER Pune, Navars Eduteach and (currently at) Cronyn Observatory at Western University.  Talking about Science through articles/blogs has also been very fulfilling for me. I have penned blogs about various topics. Find out more about my Outreach-related work and Blogs here!