After knowing excellent applications of Quantum Computers, Quantum Computing is something most of us want to learn about.

“Think Quantum Computing hard? May be, May be Not , or both at the same time.”

GOOD NEWS! You can now start learning Quantum Computing by solving puzzles. IBM have launched an app named ‘HELLO QUANTUM’  which can help you understand the basics of Quantum Computing in a fun way. Trust me, it’s Awesome!

“Today, quantum computing is a researcher’s playground . In five years, it will be the mainstream.”     –  IBM

How Can Solving Puzzles teach you Quantum Computing?

Let’s get into it straight. While solving puzzles you will be playing with Qubits( the building blocks of Quantum computer).

Here you have a Quick introduction to Quantum Computing:- To play with Qubits we need Gates, the Quantum Gates. Let’s take a minute to talk about Quantum Gates. They are important!

Okay, But what are gates at the first place? Gates are building blocks of computers .They basically tell the computer what to do and how to perform any operation. 

Any operation given to a computer can broken down into much simpler tasks. Gates take the input, do a simple task, and give the output. We need to understand what that simple task is? when you break it down to the most fundamental level , simple task is generally to decide whether to pass the electric current through the gate or not.

Different gates are processed with condition about when to permit the current to flow. Inside the computer every oppression looks like minor electric currents flowing in complex fashion.

Thousands of gates makes a decision and many decisions leads to the operation 

Temperature and motion of atoms is very much related . 

If something is really hot, it’s atoms are moving here and there very rapidly.

whereas if something is extremely cold, it’s atoms are moving very slowly. 

So to cool down anything, we have to slow down its atoms.

Now, Quantum Gates are bit different!

In classical computers , logic gates take the input as high or Low voltage current . Quantum gates take the state of Qubit as input. What is state of Qubit? State of Qubit is represented by its spin : Spin up, Spin down or somewhere between up and down.

they can be 1 and 0 simultaneously.( Superposition, remember?)  

The key point is , we can’t measure the superposition . whenever we employ a Quantum gate to Measure the state of Qubit , its state collapses to be purely 1 or 0. 

So whenever you pass a Qubit from Quantum Gate, it’s state changes. Different types of Gates are conditioned to perform different oppression over the state of Qubit. There are 4 gates: X, H, Z and CZ gate.

After this, I will leave it to you to explore more about Quantum Gates by playing the game. Get ready to be amazed. All the Best!


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